20-10: Following the new partnership with Castelli we have changed the name of the team. The new name of the team will be Scorpions Racing Team!

01-10: Dynamic is the new bike care partner of Sarto Endurance Racing Team

24-hour racing is challenging, not only for the riders itself, but also for the bikes. These bikes need to be in perfect condition at the start of the race and stay in good condition each time they leave the pit box for the next stint. 24 hours is not just a race, weather and temperature conditions change around the clock. Dynamic is the right partner for Sarto Endurance Team with a diversity of products to get these bikes out of the pit lane in excellent condition and back on the track to perform for that next podium finish.

Speed is the most important factor in endurance races. The Sarto Endurance Team riders speed-up based on the wattage they can put on the tarmac of the circuit. All riders will have their chains lubricated with the extremely efficient Speed Potion Wax during the races. With this lubricant, they get the most speed out of the wattage as an energy for speed rate and set the fastest lap times, lap after lap, hour after hour for 24 hours. 

‘The partnership with the Sarto Endurance Team enables us to emphasize our focus on the durability of our lubricants. The long races in varying circumstances require extreme resilience and longevity from our products which is one of the focus points of our R&D activities’. 

-Rob Verstappen, Director of Sales Business Development at Dynamic

Dynamic’s product development strategy also fits very good to the team’s philosophy. With CODE GREEN, the Sarto Endurance Team goes for a zero CO2 footprint and is grateful that Dynamic has the same approach to become greener step by step. The team will use the planet-friendly cleaning products and lubricants to maintain the bikes. With their product range, Dynamic has proven that performance-oriented products are kind to the environment. 

‘No other team has won the 24 hours of LeMans two times in a row, so we know that we have to improve on a variety of aera’s to get that second victory in a row. Dynamic is an excellent partner to professionalize further. Our pitbox crew is excited about the quality of Dynamic’s products to prepare the bikes and get more speed on the tarmac of challenging circuits. The legendary Nordschleife, also known as the Grüne Hölle in the Eifel and the Temple of Endurance at LeMans in France demand the best lubricants!’.

-Arjan Fidder, Founder and Owner at Sarto Endurance Team

Soon you can find the products of Dynamic at the fanshop of the team, so endurance fans can get their bikes also in the best possible condition. Together we go for the next victory in 24-hour racing!

01-08: Il talento belga Brent Cle si unisce alla nostra squadra. È già in uso durante la 24 Ore di Le Mans. Brent quest'anno è stato secondo dietro al pilota Deceuninck-Quick.Step Hodeg nel GP Rottselaar.

Arnaud De Lie, winnaar Alvaro Hodeg en Brent Clé (r.) prijken op het podium in Rotselaar.

07-01: Il 2020 è stato un anno da dimenticare presto, tutte le gare sono state annullate per la pandemia di COVID-19. Nel 2021 continueremo a costruire la squadra e i suoi contenuti con l'arrivo dell'ex campione del mondo Jean Biermans come corridori di resistenza di grande esperienza.

01-06: Passiamo al miglioramento della formazione di piloti come Sjors Handgraaf.

01-03: Time Sports ci fornisce i 15 pedali Xpro per le bici da squadra!

12-10: il ciclismo 3T sarà il nostro nuovo partner per il cockpit e il sell-post delle nostre bici da team. Sì, stiamo ricevendo l'edizione Stealth come veri maestri della resistenza.

22-09: Siamo molto orgogliosi che quattro piloti della squadra continentale Destil-Piels si uniscono alla nostra squadra. Peter Schulting, Jeff Vermeulen, Gert-Jan Bosman e Joey van Rhee hanno un successo straordinario con vittorie a molte corse UCI.


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